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Don't' use VPN services. GitHub.
And at least I haven't' read any story about VPN company at least here in Europe that would have given its customers personal data and connection logs if they even exist to government officials or blackmailing companies. There are also some legal battles concerning the logging and they have all dried out to see that there were no logs, as others have already mentioned. Of course VPN is not a magic tool to hide you or anything. You need to know what it is and what are you doing with it. Same goes for TOR and other privacy offering services. They are next to nothing when used incorrectly. But not all VPNs: are evil, even if some of the free ones are. Who even uses free VPN and thinks that they are not trying to exploit you?
The 8 Best VPN Service Providers of 2020.
Privacy is one of the most important concerns when choosing a VPN, but Mullvad is on another level. This VPN features the same strict no-logging policy that all the best VPN services stick to, but they go even further by not requiring users to provide an e-mail address or any identifying information. When you create a Mullvad account, you are assigned an account number. That number is the only thing that Mullvad has to identify you, as they dont ask for your name, or even your e-mail address when you sign up. Mullvad even accepts multiple cryptocurrencies as payment options, so they cant even track or keep a record of your identity through billing information. In the event that anyone ever went to Mullvad and asked for records on your internet activities, they simply wouldnt be able to provide anything relevant. Mullvad is a highly competent VPN service outside of their excellent privacy measures, with decent connection speeds, a wide variety of servers to choose from, and an affordable monthly billing plan.
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